Gdansk in the very top of tourist destinations in Europe!

A great success in Gdansk’s debut. Our city won 3rd place in a prestigious contest: European Best Destination 2017. Only Porto (winner) and Milan were considered better locations for tourists. It’s also worth mentioning that never before has a city, that participated in the contest for the first time, reached top 3.

Almost 427 thousand votes decided about the final arrangement of places amongst 20 participants. Gdansk superseded such renown cities like Rome, Paris and Vienna. Voters appreciated beautiful architecture, rich history and unique atmosphere of our city.

There is no other place like Gdansk. Other cities can just resemble Gdansk. Its unique location and over a thousand years’ history shape Gdansk’s expressive and distinctive character and give it strong and implicit recognition among European cities. Nonetheless, the city holds an abundance of mysteries; it has got its own spirit which makes it impossible to mistake Gdansk for any other place.


This is Gdansk’s first participation in this European competition  and it has reached the top 3 of your best European destinations. – wrote the organizers on their site.


European Best Destination is a European tourism organization, located in Brussels. It promotes culture and tourism in Europe and is an organizer of many prestigious contests every year.

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