Staged on the Page: Transmedial Shakespeare in Theatre and Visual Arts

We welcome proposals for papers in the following seminar. Please submit an abstract (200- 300 words) and a brief biography (100 words) by 31 January 2017 to all conveners of this seminar. All participants will be notified about the acceptance of their proposals by 31 March 2017. The deadline for submitting the completed seminar papers (3,000 words) is 15 May 2017.

Anna Wołosz-Sosnowska, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland:
Anna Wołosz-Sosnowska has finished her Phd studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and is now in the process of finishing her Phd thesis on adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays in comic books analysed from semiotic perspective. She has published papers both on the subject of Shakespeare in comics as well as on comics alone, she also participated in a project of creating footnotes for Kill Shakespeare comic book absolute edition. Her scholarly interests encompass comics and graphic novels, adaptation studies, Shakespeare in popular culture.

Megan Holman, Northumbria University, United Kingdom:
Megan Holman is a final year PhD student at Northumbria University in Newcastle. Her thesis explores the narrative functions attributed to bodies in contemporary mediatised adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays, including puppet theatre, graphic novels and animation. Her research interests include early modern drama, adaptation studies, Shakespeare in popular culture, and gender studies.. She is the current chair of the Northumbria Summer Speaker Series and PGR representative for the Department of Humanities at Northumbria.



Henry Peacham’s 16th century drawing inspired by Titus Andronicus is claimed to have been the first step in establishing a relationship between Shakespeare’s plays and other forms of visual expression. Graphic representations, ranging from sketches of performances through depictions of actors to book illustrations, have long been the subject of research. However, any graphic work pertaining to Shakespeare has its inception in the play texts and/or theatrical performances. The number of theatrical performances which incorporate the visual arts is increasing. As a result, a question arises concerning the function of the occurring visual aspects and what ramifications might ensue. The issues that need to be touched upon are whether the graphic elements are ornamental, referential, symbolic or intertextual.
The aim of the seminar is to investigate correlations between the visual art (especially book illustrations, paintings, comics) and theatre, paying special attention to the interlacements and permeations of the two as well as their mutual impact on one another. An increasing number of visual works, paintings, comics, percolate into theatrical performances; and simultaneously the theatre is  an inexhaustible source of inspiration for a graphic artistic expression.
The seminar invites proposals for papers tackling the topic from the perspective of adaptation studies, semiotics, performance studies, and education. By focusing on  permeations between different media and including elements of popular culture in highbrow art it is possible to examine their significance.
Possible threads for paper proposals include, but are not limited to:
–    Shakespeare and book illustrations
–    Shakespeare and/in comics
–    Shakespeare and the visual arts
–    The visual arts and/in the theatre
–    Comics in the theatre/ theatre in comics
–    Playbills and theatrical posters and their role in the theatre
–    History of illustrating Shakespeare
–    Film in the theatre/ theatre in the film
–    Intersemiotic translations of plays
–    Animated Shakespeare in theatre


Please send 200-word abstracts and biographies before 31 March 2017.