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danzig650-652-770x1155Gdańsk itself is an extraordinary city – worth to visit and get to know closer!


The conference will be convened by Professor Jerzy Limon (Department of English Cultures and Literatures, University of Gdansk) Member of the Board ESRA and organized in cooperation with the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre and Polish Shakespeare Association.


Conference guests will also have an opportunity to participate in Gdansk Shakespeare Festival.


Organising committee, ESRA 2017:
Prof. Jerzy Limon, convenor | University of Gdańsk and the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre
Prof. Jacek Fabiszak, co-convenor | Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and the Polish Shakespeare Society
Prof. Olga Kubińska | University of Gdańsk and the Polish Shakespeare Society
Dr. Aleksandra Sakowska | The Shakespeare Institute (UK)

Marta Nowicka | Conference Coordinator for the University of Gdansk

Anna Ratkiewicz-Syrek | Conference Coordinator for the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre


Programme Coordinators

dr Katarzyna Burzyńska

dr Urszula Kizelbach

mgr Anna Wołosz-Sosnowska